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One of the best parts of owning Carolina Kettles is getting to know such great people from around the country.  I've enjoyed hearing about your family, how you've used your kettle and even the sometimes outrageous hunting "tales" that you tell!

To our customers, THANK YOU for letting us be a part of your lives.  We'd love to feature your family & friends with your kettle so send us a picture and/or a testimonial, and we'll add you to our website.

To our potential customers, we'd love to have you join the Carolina Kettles family.  I hear tell that you can see 1000 dancing ladies in a Carolina Kettle keeping time with the flames and that the stories told around them are bigger than life!!
.......Rusty Fowler

Customer Testimonials
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"Rusty, Wanted you to see the Carolina Kettle at Rivers Run.  I get lots of  "Where did you get the pot?" and  everyone enjoys it being above ground rather than at ground level. Thanks,"
.....Will Primos, Rivers Run

"Got the kettle today, we're pumped and it looks amazing.  Thanks again!".....John Wood

"Love the Kettle!".....Rick Satterfield

"Thanks for getting the kettle done in time for the party!......Todd Bayne

"Thank you so very much....great memories are waiting to be made starting tonight.".....Lauri McAvoy Halfmoon, New York

"Thanks!  We love our kettle!!".....Lynn

"In place and doing its job."....Dennis Hiltner

Tsainia Lodge, Alaska

"We love it. Thanks."....Woddy and Mary Dixon

"Great job!".....Lee Allen


"Gathered family and friends for the inaugural use!  We love it!"....Carol Sheldon

We have kettles at each of our residences in South Carolina and Maine. They are the focal points of both our outdoor entertaining and our "quiet time" relaxing by the fire. The kettles are perfect for backyard fires and the foot rail stand is great. We really like being able to customize the kettles with the names of our houses, which adds a nice personalized touch. Thanks Sandy and Rusty for providing such a great product and service....." Jim and Judy Marcogliese

"Rusty, I wanted you to know how much I enjoy sitting by my Carolina Kettle with my family and friends!  We have spent many warm and cold evenings by a roaring fire sharing stories and memories.  Thank you for making such a well crafted kettle."
.....William Jerry Smith


"Really enjoying the firepot, thank you!"
Randy Bowden
Director of Marketing & Corporate Relations
Quality Deer Management Association


"Dear Carolina Kettles; What an excellent experience I had with you.  From the very moment of our first contact I felt secure, Asked a question, got an straight answer, I didn't have to speak with a manager or have to learn a foreign language to get exactly what I wanted.  The order I recently placed was for a 40 Gallon Kettle with the Foot rest stand and Family name customization. The kettle came when you said it would, The condition was perfect, the stand, the kettle and the customized names were perfect, no misspellings or bickering over mistakes, or delays. It was perfect!  So much so a few weeks latter I ordered a poker!  The kettle is an excellent addition to our new flagstone patio, we have used it on cool summer nights and into the winter.  Its quality it exceptional, HEAVY DUTY, not the cheap copper or the riveted pits you see sold in those big box stores, I have no doubt it will out last me and will be passed to my son and someday to his!  Our annual Oktoberfest Party was a sensation with at least 60 people taking turns enjoying the blaze!!!  We have recommended you to at least 6 other families so hopefully those orders will continue to flow!  Thanks again and I wish Carolina Kettles a long and prosperous future!!".....
Rob Maas, Media, Pennsylvania

"PS, for the readers, the shape of the bowl actually re-radiates allot of the
heat so there are no half burned logs, all ash.
well worth the investment.".....
Rob Maas, Media, Pennsylvania


"First fire in the "Ledges" kettle set up at Larue, AR on Beaver Lake just outside Fayetteville, AR.  Thanks so much!!!"......
Karen Anderson


"Rusty, your product and responsiveness are tops, we love our Carolina Kettle!  It has become our gathering point at dark.  We appreciate your effort and suggestions in making sure our Carolina Kettle was exactly what we were looking for.".....John P., Mansfield Plantation


"I'm looking forward to my Lowcountry, northeast ALABAMA syrup boiler!  I can't wait to make my neighbors jealous... or is that covetous?  Thanks so much for the quick turn around.".....Jack A., Twin Harbors


"We have enjoyed our kettle on these cold days and nights!  The oyster cooker is awesome!  We have used it every weekend."
.....Brad & Sally R., Greentree Plantation

"Our Carolina Kettle is by far the most popular improvement we've made to our weekend retreat.  With two small children, we share more "family time" around the kettle than we do at the dinner table. The quality is unsurpassed and something that our family will pass on for generations. Thanks Rusty!!"....
Mike & Anne Spurlock, Pine Ridge 


"Rusty, The kettle arrived in fine shape. I spent the weekend converting it to natural gas.
 While I would prefer a natural log fire, it isn�t possible on a wood deck. The good news
 is the gas conversion turned out great. I have some more fine tuning to do, but I
 took some pictures yesterday I thought I would pass on to you. I would recommend
the gas conversion."
...Tim Wiggins


"We really enjoy our Carolina Kettle.  It seems to get better with age.We are enjoying many wonderful evenings with family and friends gathered around the firepit."...Skip McQuillin, Charleston, SC

"We love entertaining.  We have the grill and have had several cook-outs and plan more.
  Our neighbor said, 'I try to be a good Christian, but I confess:  I COVET this kettle!'"
...Charlie & Martha Claxton

"Saw the steel logs while in Colorado and they work VERY well and are really a work of art!  Carolina Kettles, well, they speak for themselves!  Great job guys."...Sheila & John Blocker, Houston, TX

"Ten years Rusty.
  Hard to believe.  Our four names are there and many have enjoyed its warm fire. My friends from Cape Cod down to Naples have enjoyed the same. If anyone is on the fence then come on down to Hubbardville to check it out."...Mark Hubbard. Mayor and standing judge of Hubbardville. Population six &



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