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     We currently offer three different types of stands. Our Standard stand is beautiful plain or can be customized with up to six artwork panels of your design.  Our Wagon Wheel stand is heavier and supports the kettles a little higher off the ground.  Our new Foot Rest stand is a crowd pleaser and is offered in an acid wash finish.  This gorgeous, rusty antique finish has proven to be very durable.

Kettle Stand Size:

Thirty Gallon Forty Gallon Sixty Gallon Eighty Gallon
Standard Stand only: $320.00 $330.00 $345.00 $395.00
Artwork Panels: $95.00 each $95.00 each $95.00 each $95.00 each
Wagon Wheel Stand: $355.00 $360.00 $385.00 $435.00
Foot Rest Stand: $520.00 $530.00 $550.00 $600.00
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Standard Stand                       Wagon Wheel Stand                     Foot Rest Stand

Standard StandWagon Wheel Stand

Artwork Panels
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DeerRunning DeerTurkeyDuckRoosterMuskieCrabOyster


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Each Kettle is handmade and produced to order.
 We would like to speak to you to personalize your order.

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